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Nourish & Reset



Nourish & Reset Group Programme

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Take this as an opportunity for a transformation and renewal. I invite you to shed what no longer serves you and embrace a journey of growth and nourishment. My "Nourish & Reset Programme" will guide you toward a harmonious balance, unlocking your inner potential and empowering you to live life with renewed energy and vitality.

Have you been trying to get fit, eat healthier, lose weight and combat those cravings? But have you ever wondered why you're never able to stick to these habits throughout the year? Restrictive diets or extreme exercises are not sustainable. Your hormones, your age also play a part in this. Small, simple and balanced changes can be more meaningful and become lasting habits, allowing you to live the life you want.

I’m going to be supporting you by looking at what you put in and on your body, the toxins in your homes, and what you feed your mind.

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This isn’t a fad diet, and nor will you be starving on my 14-Day Reset programme

Instead, we’ll focus on reducing your overall toxic load and nourishing your body and mind from the inside out. Join me from the 25th of September, to Nourish & Reset. Re-energise and balance your hormones this Autumn and let this be your new season, so you will feel empowered as you begin the next phase of your life. This programme will provide you support and practical tips, aimed at helping women like you struggling with energy dips, sleep, experiencing hot flushes and who are constantly on the emotional rollercoaster of life. In just a few weeks, it will help you take back control of your health, feel positive about life so you can enjoy your journey.

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This 14-day programme is for you if you want to:

Gently and safely support your body’s detoxification process

Jumpstart your weight loss and cut cravings for sugar and carbs

Feel more energised – say goodbye to the 3 pm slump!

Sleep better at night and wake up refreshed

Rebalance your hormones naturally

Support your digestion naturally and banish bloating

Reduce aches and pains

Reset your body – get into fat-burning mode by eating nutritious food that nourishes your body and soul

Focus on your own needs for once – now’s the time to put on your own life jacket and future proof your health

Be part of an amazing community 

Remember - It’s all about feeling great. Looking good will follow!


What awaits you?

Here's a sneak peek:

Nourish By Nudrat Logo

My Nourish & Reset programme is designed to help you discover a new lease of life. I’ll be introducing you to the key things you’ll want to know about cleansing your system, so that you can live life to the full.


Free Ebook

Tips and advice to tame your hormones


Success Manual

Information, ideas and inspiration, including how the body detoxes, tips to support the process. PLUS what you need to know about toxins in your personal care products.


Progress Journal

Health questionnaires to get the most from the programme. Daily journal section so you can track what you eat and how you feel

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Support from a Health and Life Coach, Progress Journal, Motivational emails, Success Manual, Mindfulness exercises

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Nourishing recipes to a healthier and happier you. Complete nutritionist-approved recipes packed with whole-foods that taste great and nourish your body


Live Support!

Daily support from a registered nutritionist in a private Facebook group created for this programme. I’ll be on-hand daily with information, inspiration and advice so that you can get the very best results from your programme.

You will be removing trigger foods like gluten, dairy, refined sugar, caffeine, alcohol and nightshade vegetables. And I will be supporting you with fun and nourishing recipes.

Success Manual with the lowdown on everything you need to know about how the reset works, as we add some nourishing practices and remove certain triggers. How you can support your body through the process by reviewing:

What you put in your body, What you put on your body, The toxins in your homes, What you feed your mind.

Recipe Book featuring delicious recipes

Shopping lists and meal plans

Progress Journal with questionnaires and journalling pages to help you track your progress

3 hours of online group coaching support, which is worth nearly £400

Inspiration and motivation in dedicated Facebook and WhatsApp groups

Mindfulness exercises and tools to manage your stress and improve your wellbeing

Daily motivational emails

BONUS 15 Ways to Detox Your Home eBook

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Assessing and reducing your toxic load can help your body heal and improve your wellness, resulting in a clearer mind, better digestion, or fewer menopausal symptoms. All kinds of additional problems and medical conditions can result from your body becoming too toxic, including but not limited to: weight gain, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, autoimmune diseases, and psychiatric disorders.

You will be removing trigger foods like gluten, dairy, refined sugar, caffeine, alcohol and nightshade vegetables. And I will be supporting you with fun and nourishing recipes.

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