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What my clients say

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"Nudrats invaluable help and advice, paved the way for a healthier, fitter version of myself."

“Working with Nudrat has truly been a transformative experience. In my 60s, I've achieved milestones like running 5K, engaging in strength training, and lifting weights. Notably, my HbA1c and cholesterol levels have significantly decreased. When my doctor reviewed my blood markers, they inquired about my lifestyle changes because all the indicators had shown improvement. Nudrat's expertise and guidance have undeniably played a crucial role in these positive changes. The results eloquently speak for the effectiveness of her approach. I express my heartfelt gratitude to Nudrat for the invaluable help and advice that has paved the way for a healthier and fitter version of myself.”


"I highly recommend the programme, you don't regret it"

"I found the 2 week programme insightful and beneficial. Nudrat was extremely professional and supported me 100% during my journey. We were given daily advice and regular check-ins which helped me to focus on my goals. I learnt so much and have taken away more tools to promote my health and well-being goals. Highly recommend the programme, you won't regret it!"


"This program opened my eyes to what I was doing wrong!"

"This program opened my eyes to what I was doing wrong! I was very sceptical at first and was convinced it was another diet/program that wouldn’t work on me. I have tried everything and could not understand what I did in my 30s was not going to work in my 40s plus peri-menopause. Nudrat took the time to explain the process. I am not an easy person when it comes to food choices but Nudrat encouraged me to try new recipes and coach me every day on how to change the way I think about food. She constantly reminded me of the benefits and nutritional facts. Her knowledge and ability to listen to individual needs is nothing like I have experienced before and I truly recommend just giving it a go, it may surprise you!"


"I lost 2.6kg and 2 inches off my waist"

"I just thought I'd weigh myself and re-measure. I lost 2.6kg and lost 2 inches off the waist, so overall a successful 2 weeks. Thank you so much for an amazing 2 weeks of so much dedication and encouragement."


"I've been given an understanding of my relationship with food"

"I really enjoyed this programme which gave me an understanding of my relationship with food including certain trigger foods that have a different effect on me now that I am in a different hormone bracket. I really enjoyed the feeling from being sugar free and the strength I got from the group."


"I gained so much insight"

"It was really informative and I gained so much insight into healthy eating habits. It was great to share thoughts with other participants and there was a real sense of comradeship within the group."


If any of this resonates with you, then maybe nutritional therapy could help.

Book a 30 minutes health visioning review and let’s unlock your potential and map out your path to feeling fabulous again

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